Calloway Labs is one of the fastest growing clinical toxicology laboratories in the nation. We specialize in proprietary drug testing protocols to address one of the medical community’s largest challenges – ensuring patients are not abusing prescribed pain medications. Calloway has always been at the forefront of the industry by using the latest technology throughout the entire testing lifecycle including high-volume screening with robotics, in-house GC and LC Mass Spectrometry and Medication Review. We were one of the first clinical labs to provide test results via the Internet, integrate a seamless Medication Review process, and interface with electronic patient management systems using HL7. Calloway works with industry leaders to educate treatment professionals on how urine drug testing can improve patient care and reduce physician liability.

Recently Calloway announced the introduction of Laser Toxicology. This proprietary method uses lasers in the confirmation process to make drug testing more accurate and much faster. This is the first time lasers have been used in toxicology and is a proud Calloway innovation.

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